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Applications for Greener Blast Wet Blasting Equipment

From finer jobs to oil industry and industrial blasting, Greener Blast equipment has so many potential uses we can’t think of them all.  Here are just a few.

Greener Blast's High Performing Vapor Blasting Machines Have Limitless Blasting Applications

If you do any kind of vapor blasting (also known as wet abrasive blasting or slurry blasting) on a regular basis, it is wise to consider purchasing one or more of Greener Blast’s vapor blasting machines.  Renting a vapor blasting machine can be wasteful and the least cost-effective option for your business. 

Choosing a commercial vapor blasting machine that will strip, sand, and clean a wide variety of surfaces is an optimal choice for your business.

Whether you are a smaller sized local contractor looking to grow or a larger company who provides vapor blasting or contracting services, Greener Blast is your blasting equipment manufacturer of choice.  Greener Blast wet slurry blasting and coating removal equipment is manufactured to provide reliable and high-quality performance.  Greener Blast commercial blasting machines are noted for their high performance and power, affordability, and reduced negative environmental impacts.

Reach out to Greener Blast today for more information about our vapor blasting units. We can help you determine which size(s) best accommodate your job site needs. Call 978-649-5300 or email [email protected] for more information. The Greener Blast team can answer any questions you may have.

Greener Blast Vapor Blasting Equipment Is Best For Any Commercial Blasting Project

Working on a commercial blasting project?  For any commercial project requiring the highest performing, most efficient vapor blasting equipment (with the least environmentally-harmful consequences), Greener Blast is the top choice in the industry.

If you compare commercial blasting equipment providers, you may find that Greener Blast’s level of quality and personalized attention is a benefit to you and your company. 

For a commercial blasting job, traditional sand blasting equipment is not as versatile, can destroy the surface you are trying to prepare or clean, and creates huge amounts of harmful dust.  Sand blasting equipment is widely used for a range of commercial blasting jobs that are not well served by the tools being employed.  

Commercial applications for Greener Blast’s vapor blasting equipment include:

  • extensive cleaning
  • degreasing
  • deburring
  • descaling
  • removal of paint, chemicals and rust/oxidation
  • high-precision composite etching for bonding.

The Best Rust Blasting Equipment in the Industry

As anyone who works in rust removal knows, many companies remove surface rust by using a variety of very strong acids that destroy the rust—and often destroy the surface they are attempting to clean or prepare.   Sure, we all know that heavy acids will dissolve rust, but what if you just want to remove rust and not the finish, the paint, or even the metal itself?  If rust removal is part of your work routine or your customers’ work, it is imperative that you pick the best rust removal machines for the work. 

Vapor blasting for rust reduces financial loss, delay, and potentially the failure in completing the project itself.  Consider acquiring vapor blasting machines that can make each job easier, at a lower cost, and a reduced time.  Choose the best rust blasting equipment on the market — manufactured by Greener Blast, and never look back.

Rust Blasting Machines that Perform Better than Traditional Sand Blasting Equipment

Greener Blast’s rust blasting machines represent the best rust blasting equipment on the market.  When you are looking for rust blasting equipment, traditional sand blasting can often destroy finishes and the material being blasted.   In addition to a full range of applications, Greener Blasts machines are the best rust blasting equipment you can purchase.  Whether thick, heavy industrial mega-rust on steel or a lighter touch from rust blasting equipment is all you need, Greener Blast has the best product for you.  The versatility of all of  Greener Blasts’  rust blasting equipment is second-to-none.


For a multitude of reasons, Greener Blast’s slurry blasting equipment is the best rust blasting equipment you can use.  For industrial rust removal, you can avoid all of the issues that come with acid use or traditional dirty sand blasting by trying rust blasting equipment that operates using powerful water and grit to do the job better than ever. Greener Blast’s rust blasting machines will take care of rust removal quickly, completely and efficiently.

Environmentally-Conscious Greener Blast Wet Blasting Machines Make Graffiti Removal Easy

Graffiti is an eyesore that can ruin the aesthetic of a community and public property. Removing graffiti can be a difficult and expensive process, but thanks to Greener Blast wet blasting machines, the process has become much easier and faster. Wet blasting machines are a type of abrasive blasting equipment that utilizes a combination of water and blasting abrasive to quickly and effectively remove graffiti without damaging the substrate.

Greener Blast Wet Blasting Machines Are the Best Graffiti Removal Machines on the Market

Using a wet blasting machine can be an effective and efficient way to remove graffiti from surfaces. Industry-wide, Greener Blast is known to manufacture the best graffiti removal machines on the market, hands down.  Their patented equipment is second to none, and the performance, efficiency and power of their machines leave graffiti as a distant memory.  And if the taggers return?  Just load up your tank and go at it again using your reliable Greener Blast machine. By purchasing a Greener Blast machine and following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and safely remove graffiti from surfaces quickly, efficiently, and do less harm to the environment than employing outdated sandblasting methods.  Contact Greener Blast today for more detail on the benefits of using a wet blasting machine for graffiti and a number of other critical uses!

Greener Blast Equipment for Lead and Asbestos Abatement

Lead and asbestos are two of the most hazardous materials that can be found in buildings and other structures. Both materials present a health risk to those exposed, and can lead to serious illnesses and even death. Wet abrasive blasting (aka vapor blasting) is a method of lead and asbestos abatement that is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and safety, and Greener Blast is leading the way in providing the best wet abrasive blasting machines for lead and asbestos abatement on the market today.

Vapor Blasting for Lead Abatement

Lead abatement is the process of removing or reducing the amount of lead from a building. Lead is a toxic metal that can have serious health consequences, including neurological damage, learning disabilities, and even death. Lead can be found in paint, plumbing, and other materials in older buildings.

Vapor blasting for lead abatement using Greener Blast vapor blasting equipment is an extremely smart and effective lead abatement method.  GBT vapor blasting machines use pressurized water and abrasive to remove lead from surfaces with the highest performance, most efficient, and environmentally cleanest machines on the market. For lead abatement, vapor blasting equipment is preferable over traditional sand blasting equipment because it is much less likely to spread lead particles into the air, reducing the risk of inhalation and toxic exposure.

In vapor blasting, water is mixed with a blast media such as sand or glass beads. This mixture is then forced through a nozzle at high pressure, allowing it to remove the lead without damaging the underlying material.  Greener Blast vapor blasting machines are highly effective in removing lead, and are much safer than other methods such as chemical treatments or dirty blasting methods.

vapor blasting equipment

Vapor Blasting for Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos abatement is the process of removing or containing asbestos in a building or other facility or structure. Asbestos is a toxic mineral that can lead to serious health problems, including cancer and respiratory illnesses. Asbestos can be found in insulation, ceiling tiles, and other materials in older buildings.

Vapor blasting using Greener Blast machines is an effective abatement method for asbestos, as it is less likely to spread the toxic asbestos fibers into the air, reducing the risk of inhalation.

Vapor blasting for asbestos abatement works similarly to vapor blasting for lead abatement. The mixture of water and blast media is used to remove the asbestos without damaging the underlying material. This method is preferred over sand blasting or dry blasting, as it reduces the risk of inhalation because it is less likely to spread particles into the air. It is also more effective at removing the asbestos, as the water and blasting media together help to loosen the fibers from the material.

The safety benefits are undeniable.  Wet blasting for lead abatement and wet blasting for asbestos abatement are both important processes for ensuring the safety of workers and the public.

Greener Blast is an industry leader in manufacturing vapor blasting equipment that addresses the removal of these two potentially toxic materials.  The advantages of using Greener Blast equipment, including top performance, efficiency, cost, and environmental impacts, is undeniable when it comes to lead and asbestos.  Contact Greener Blast today to learn more.

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Concrete Blasting Equipment

For the best concrete blasting equipment, Greener Blast is your destination.  Concrete blasting equipment that is inefficient, environmentally destructive, or low performing is not an option.  Our wet slurry blasting machines will remove unwanted surface   Contact Greener Blast for the best concrete blasting equipment on the marketing.  

Propane Tank Blasting Equipment

A common use for wet slurry blasting equipment is its use as propane tank blasting equipment.  Propane tank blasting is a delicate matter due to the flammable nature of the propane and the need to contain the environmental impacts of using propane tank blasting equipment.  Manufacturer of the highest performing, mosts  affordable propane tank blasting equipment, Greener Blast provides a number of choices, including the GB 175, GB 760, and the Dual Outlet propane tank blasting equipment models.

Water Tank Blasting Equipment

The United States is dotted with hundreds of thousands of water tanks and water storage towers.   Rust, grime and surface contaminants can 

Water tank blasting equipment is often underperforming and overpriced.  For the most high performing affordable water tank blasting equipment, Greener Blast provides a number of choices, including the GB 175, GB 760, and the Dual Outlet water tank blasting models.  

Greener Blast Leads the Industry in Industrial Steel Cleaning and Surface Preparation Equipment

Greener Blast manufactures the best industrial blasting equipment in the industry.  When it comes to commercial blasting equipment, working on and with industrial steel or other highly dense industrial surfaces requires power, precision and efficiency.  

Greener Blast’s commercial blasting equipment can handle any level of surface preparation and blasting job—with ease, efficiency and a low level of environmental impacts.

If you are doing any level of industrial steel cleaning or industrial steel blasting, you need the best equipment you can afford within your budget to get the job done. 

Whether you are doing industrial steel cleaning, industrial rust removal or other surface preparation on steel, you will need the highest performing, most affordable and most powerful industrial blasting equipment in the industry.  All of Greener Blast slurry blasting machines can successfully prepare and clean the surfaces of industrial steel.  

Greener Blast Commercial Blasting Equipment FAQ's

Absolutely.  All four of Greener Blast’s high-powered blasting equipment units are good for commercial blasting or industrial blasting jobs.

The versatility of Greener Blasts industrial steel blasting machines give your company a number of options for industrial steel cleaning or steel blasting.  Give a call to our office for more detail as to options or to a Greener Blast dealer near you.

Using a wet slurry blasting machine creates less dust and dirt; it is high performing wet blaster that requires less abrasive than old school sand blasting equipment as well, saving you money and time.  Using a Greener Blast machine as your preferred water tank blasting equipment is ideal.  

Concrete is one of the surfaces for which Greener Blast slurry blasting equipment is purchased.  For major concrete blasting needs or surface prep on a thin layer of concrete, any of our wet blasting machines can be used as high performing concrete blasting equipment.  For graffiti or mold/mildew removal, surface paint or other coverings on concrete, contact Greener Blast!

All of Greener Blast industrial blasting units are portable.  Contact us or a dealer near you for more detail as to what needs would be.  Mostly, the units are moved on a small truck or, for the larger machines, on a small trailer. 

Greener Blast manufactures the highest quality commercial blasting equipment on the market.  We recommend garnet but our equipment is adaptable to typical historical sand blasting grit or abrasive.


Becoming a Greener blast equipment dealer means representing the highest performing, most affordable and most ecologically sensitive slurry blasting machines on the market today. Our support network for Greener Blast dealers is intended to provide a maximum level of support and financial benefit to each dealer with whom we partner. We look forward to working with you!