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For those who are already part of the wet blasting industry, Greener Blast Technologies is a household name.  

Since its inception in 2013, Greener Blast has manufactured the highest quality, highest performing, and most affordable wet abrasive blasting equipment on the market. 

The owners of Greener Blast take extreme pride in their equipment and demonstrate a constant desire to improve and provide their customers with the best option available on the market today as well as in the future. 

Through years of testing and trial and error they have designed and manufactured the most effective and reliable slurry blasting systems on the market. Greener Blast equipment is composed of only the highest quality parts available, maximizing reliability, and giving owners the utmost confidence on every project.

Benefits of Greener Blast Wet Blasting Equipment

Power and Quality

Greener Blast wet blasting equipment provides superior performance when compared to competitors, leaving surfaces in pristine condition and ready for secondary applications.

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Higher Performance

The efficiency of Greener Blast wet blasting patented technology leads to saving huge money on costs of wet blasting abrasive, while saving time and money through performance excellence.


Avoid overpriced wet blasting technology that doesn’t do the job right the first time–Greener Blast maintains a commitment to affordability while never reducing quality.

Environmentally Cleaner

Greener Blast slurry blasting technology means no heavy dust or damage to lungs or the environment.  The name is “Greener Blast” for a reason!

Greener Blast's Wet Blasting Equipment Offers Higher Performance Than Competitors

Greener Blast’s wet blasting machines are known for their superior performance.  

In several areas where Greener Blast’s wet blasting equipment is put side-by-side with others, the performance advantages become clear.   

Why Do Greener Blast Machines Perform Better? 

Greener Blast’s wet blasting equipment process speeds can be adjusted easily to reduce or increase the velocity and power of the wet abrasives being propelled onto the surface material.   

The adaptability and adjustments that can be made to a Greener Blast wet blasting machine give the user the ability to work on smooth surfaces that need less pressure or on heavier surfaces in which more abrasive and more intense pressure are required. 

Greener Blast offers a rate of 100-150 lbs of abrasive per hour, which means impressive power and performance without the downsides of surface damage, abrasive material waste, and negative environmental and human impacts resultant from traditional dust blasting processes.

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Greener Blast Wet Blasting Equipment Is Optimal for Any Surface Preparation Needs

Greener Blast wet blasting technology can be applied to any surface p used by traditional blasting formats.  Their wet blasting machines provide a level of fineness if needed, or can perform when a heavier abrasive is optimal.   Blast away using Greener Blast wet blasting equipment to remove coatings or corrosion, eliminate contaminants or residue from hard of difficult to clean surfaces–whatever job you need done is completed right the first time with a Green Blast machine. 

Looking to treat a variety of surfaces?   Greener Blast wet blasting equipment treats:

  • concrete
  • stone
  • metal
  • brick
  • wood


Slurry Blasting on the Biggest Jobs is Better Using Greener Blast Equipment

Greener Blast slurry blasting equipment is designed by contractors for contractors.  Consider our features:

-Galvanized and powder coated for longevity and appearance.

-Patented blast pot designed specifically for wet blast, not converted dry vessel.

-Welded structural steel construction for maximum durability.

-Air manifold engineered to optimize velocity as it enters the blast hose.

-24/7 Knowledgable Customer Support (We understand these projects are often times not conducive to normal working hours)

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