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Greener Blast’s most compact model boasts power, reliability, and affordability.  An absolute must-have for surface preparation that gets the job done without being a physically large unit.

Greener Blast Technologies

GBT 760 Wet Blasting Unit

Greener Blast Technologies patented feat of engineering, the GBT 760, is built for major blasting jobs but like the rest of GBT’s product line–is versatile enough to adjust to jobs that require a lighter touch if needed. Some of the features of the GBT 760 include:

  • Engineered welded steel frame
  • Full machine hot dipped galvanized/powder coated
  • 7.6 Cubic Foot Certified Blast Pot capacity
  • 100 Gallon on board water tank
  • Pneumatically operated (optional 12 volt)
  • Air Compressors Requirement: 375Cfm +
  • Blast Pressures Achievable: 15PSI-105PSI
  • Surface Profile Achievable: 0-4Mill

For more information regarding the 760 Wet Blasting Unit please contact Greener Blast or your local GBT dealer.

Features of the Greener Blast GBT 760 Wet Blasting Unit

vapor blasting equipment

GBT 760 Features:

  • 80-90% less media consumption (150-200Lbs Per Hour on an aggressive blast)
  • Minimal dust • Minimal containment needed
  • Versatility of jobs
  • Ability to handle numerous blast materials
  • Portability
  • Unmatched 24/7 customer support
  • Made in USA
vapor blasting equipment

GBT 760 Dimensions:

  • 31” w x 78”l  x 55” h
  • Tare Wt. 1,030Lbs
  • Gross Wt. 2,900Lbs
vapor blasting equipment

GBT 760 Package:

  • 1 High-Performance Slurry Blaster (Patented)
  • 50’ 1-1/4 2 Ply Lightweight Blast Hose
  • 50’ Twin Line (12 volt optional)
  • Deadman Switch
  • #8 XL Performance Nozzle
  • 1 year warranty

Power, Performance, and Affordability in the Greener Blast GBT 760 Wet Blasting Model

The Greener Blast 760 Blasting Unit works for many applications, but some of the most common applications are:

  • Water Tank Maintenance
  • Onshore & Offshore Oil
  • Chemical Plants and Refineries
  • Large Restoration Projects
  • Ship Repair
  • Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Beyond spectacular performance, power and affordability, the Greener Blast 760 Compact Unit offers benefits such as:

  • Versatile and great for large projects
  • Quick and easy refill
  • Galvanized and powder coated for durability


Becoming a Greener blast equipment dealer means representing the highest performing, most affordable and most ecologically sensitive slurry blasting machines on the market today. Our support network for Greener Blast dealers is intended to provide a maximum level of support and financial benefit to each dealer with whom we partner. We look forward to working with you!