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Comparing The Benefits of Vapor Blasting vs. Dry Blasting

Comparing The Benefits of Vapor Blasting vs. Dry Blasting

Are you in search of a new abrasive blasting unit? Blasting units use pressurized air and an abrasive material to remove coatings, rust or mill scale, while also offering the capability of cleaning and smoothing surfaces.  Blasting units are a necessary job site tool for a wide range of industrial applications, including petrochemical plants, automotive, construction, and more.

For many years, workers were limited to dry blasting equipment. Vapor blasting began in the 1960s. Although it was highly effective, many companies did not have a way to safely dispose of the wastewater.

Fortunately, the decision to switch to a wet or “vapor” abrasive blasting unit is now more practical than ever before. The following informational list reveals the top 4 benefits of vapor blasting over dry blasting.

1). Vapor Blasting is Less Damaging to Surfaces

Traditional dry blasting utilizes pressurized air and abrasive materials in an effort to clean and prepare a surface. There are numerous abrasive materials that could be utilized for blasting.

Common Blasting Materials Include:

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Corn Cob – Coal, Copper, Nickel Slag
  • Crushed Glass
  • Garnet
  • Glass Beads
  • Plastic- StarBlast
  • Walnut Shell- Steel Abrasives
  • Other Abrasive Materials

(Replaced Materials are considered non-destructive, and will not have and damaging impact of surface)

Unfortunately, the use of highly pressurized air and an overabundance of these gritty materials can cause excessive damage to surfaces.

Vapor blasting adds water to the blasting process as well as highly adjustable pressures to add a layer of surface protection.  This creates less frictional heat and is significantly less damaging than dry blasting.

2). Vapor Blasting Effective in a Wide Range of Applications

Traditional dry blasting is too aggressive to be used for certain applications. Vapor or wet blasting can be used in many applications, including delicate jobs. Vapor blasting can be used on also effectively clean heavy machinery, farming equipment, automotive industries, and more.

3). Vapor Blasting Produces a Cleaner Finish

With traditional dry blasting, foreign objects often become embedded in surfaces. These dry blasting methods also leave surfaces dusty and ridden with debris. Vapor blasting produces a significantly cleaner/less contaminated surface by flushing out the abrasive with water. This process can also provide smoother, finer finish when required. This leaves surfaces clean and ready for the application of coatings.

Screw Comparison

4). Vapor blasting is Safer

Experts have warned that dry blasting can cause numerous safety, health, and environmental hazards. One of these issues is due to hazardous dust and other contaminants that are generated with dry blasting methods. These contaminants may include the abrasive material used and the hazardous contaminants on the target surface. These contaminants put workers at risk of exposure to numerous health hazards.

Vapor blasting incorporates water to clean the substrate, as well as significantly decrease the levels of potentially dangerous airborne particulates. This creates a significantly safer work environment for crew members.

5). Wet Slurry Blasting Can Be Used in Numerous Applications

Conventional blasting methods are not safe in close proximately to other workers or in environmentally sensitive locations. Wet slurry blasting units are highly versatile and can be effectively used in numerous applications,

Are you searching for a portable, reliable, and highly efficient wet slurry blasting unit? The GBT 175 from Greener Blast Technologies was developed to handle a wide variety of jobs. This wet slurry blasting unit features a 100–200-pound media consumption rate per hour. The manufacturer also offers unmatched 24/7 customer support.

Greener Blast Vapor Blasting Equipment

Choose a blasting unit that will remove surface issues, and clean a wide variety of surfaces. Green Blast vapor blasting and coating removal equipment is manufactured to provide reliable and high-quality performance.

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