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5 Uses of Wet Abrasive Blasting

5 Uses of Wet Abrasive Blasting

Have you considered using wet abrasive blasting on your job site? Dry abrasive blasting is destructive and has limited applications. This outdated process also produces hazardous dust and leaves contaminants behind on worksite surfaces.

Fortunately, modern industrial technology has advanced and now utilizes water to deep sand and clean surfaces. Wet abrasive blasting utilizes pressurized air, water, and very fine materials to blast surfaces. With wet abrasive blasting, water acts as a lubricant that protects surfaces from becoming damaged.

Due to the less aggressive methods utilized, wet abrasive blasting can be used on nearly all commonly known surfaces, including plastic. This allows wet blasting units to be utilized in numerous industrial applications. In the following informational list, we reveal the top 5 uses of wet abrasive blasting.

1). To Decontaminate a Surface

Job sites can become contaminated any time that spill occurs. OSHA regulations require that hazardous spills be reported, documented, and decontaminated. Wet abrasive blasting is very effective for decontaminating any job site.

Wet blasting units can utilize water, soap, very fine media, and highly pressured air to deeply clean nearly any surface. Wet blasting can even clean irregular surfaces. These capabilities make wet blasting units highly preferred on worksites across the country.

These units can also decontaminate fragile surfaces. Use wet abrasive blasting to clean holes for printed circuit boards, plastic injection molds, and more.

2). To Smooth a Rough Surface

Wet abrasive blasting uses extremely fine media at high speeds. This allows you to easily smooth any industrial surface to any desired shape or smoothness. Use wet abrasive blasting to remove burrs, prepare surfaces for tool coatings, and more.

3). To Remove Old Paint, Coatings, Etc.

Removing old paint or another type of coating off of large surfaces can be a time-consuming job. Wet abrasive blasting allows you to easily remove old paint and coatings from any surface. Wet blasting will also clean the surface after waste removal.

Many companies have switched to wet abrasive blasting to provide a safer environment for their workers. Previously, workers were forced to use dry blasting equipment to remove old paint and coatings. Wet abrasive blasting fully sanitizes and removes all coatings and hazardous chemicals.

4). To Roughen Up a Smooth Surface

Wet abrasive blasting utilizes high levels of pressure that also can be used to roughen up smooth surfaces. There are numerous industrial applications in which surface roughening is necessary.

5) To Etch Glass, Ceramic, or Stone

Wet abrasive blasting can also be used to etch glass, ceramic, and stone quickly and easily. This could be useful for both functional and decorative surface etching purposes. The wet abrasive blasting unit etches deeply into surfaces. Wet abrasive blasting allows you to create high-quality, durable etching quickly.

Greener Blast Technology Wet Abrasive Blasting Machines

Are you for a higher performing, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly way to deep clean and sand a wide range of surfaces? Wet abrasive blasting units are a wise investment for every job site. As an example, The GBT 760 is a high-performance slurry blaster that offers portability and the ability to handle numerous jobs. The GBT 760 can also utilize a wide variety of blasting materials.

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