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5 Reasons that Wet Slurry Blasting is Better than Other Forms of Abrasive Blasting

5 Reasons that Wet Slurry Blasting is Better than Other Forms of Abrasive Blasting

Are you interested in a safer, cleaner, and more efficient abrasive blasting method? Wet slurry blasting units combine water and abrasive media to create a highly pressurized slurry to effectively clean, polish and prepare a wide range of surfaces. Wet slurry blasting units also utilize powerful vacuum suction to capture and contain surface contaminants during the blasting process.

Traditional dry blasting processes generated a toxic mess of dust and other hazardous contaminants. These processes were hazardous to humans, the environment, and surface structural integrity.

Wet slurry blasting is a safer, cleaner, and a more efficient abrasive blasting method than others. In the following informational article, we will explore the countless reasons that wet slurry blasting is better than other forms of abrasive blasting.

1). Wet Slurry Blasting is Safer for Human Health

Other forms of abrasive blasting generate toxic fumes that are hazardous to human health. For example, sandblasting generates heat that releases toxic chemicals and presents the risk of hazardous sparks. To perform these processes, workers are required to wear excessive PPE. Bulky and excessive PPE significantly increases the risk of accidental injuries on the job.

Excessive PPE is especially hazardous in high-heat environments. For example, warehouses, construction sites, or other environments that present the threat of high heat and/or humidity.

Wet slurry blasting methods are significantly safer than other abrasive blasting techniques. These processes produce minimal dust and require significantly less PPE than traditional blasting. Wet slurry blasting also generates significantly less heat and eliminate the risk of fire. This allows wet blasting to be performed without interruption to other workers or processes.

Wet slurry blasting equipment is also able to collect and contain hazardous compounds. This prevents toxic chemicals from infiltrating the air.

2). Wet Slurry Blasting Processes are Cleaner

Wet slurry blasting equipment combines water with abrasive materials to prepare, polish, and/or reshape surfaces. Wet slurry blasting is significantly cleaner than other forms of blasting and does not require post-job cleanup.

The soapy slurry of abrasive materials utilized during wet blasting has the potential to thoroughly a wide range of potential surfaces. Wet slurry blasting units then utilize vacuum suction to remove the abrasive media, as well as any surface contaminants.  

3). Wet Slurry Blasting is Cost Effective

Wet slurry blasting processes are significantly more cost-efficient than other forms of abrasive blasting. Other blasting techniques often require workers to execute several precautionary measures, including extensive containment and cleanup responsibilities.

Wet slurry blasting thoroughly cleans surfaces and collects materials to eliminate the excessive labor costs associated with other less efficient abrasive blasting techniques.

Wet slurry blasting units combine abrasive materials with pressurized water to create a highly efficient and powerful blasting medium. Due to this increased efficiency,  wet slurry blasting units consume significantly less abrasive media than other forms of blasting.

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4). Wet Slurry Blasting is Better for the Environment

Many forms of abrasive blasting generate excessive heat and release toxic fumes that can be damaging to the environment. These methods are especially hazardous because they lack any containment method for these hazardous compounds.

Wet slurry blasting units utilize pressurized water to effectively remove, capture, and contain toxic surface materials. Collecting and disposing of these toxic chemicals allows wet blasting to be performed under nearly any circumstances.  

5). Wet Slurry Blasting Can Be Used in Numerous Applications

Conventional blasting methods are not safe in close proximately to other workers or in environmentally sensitive locations. Wet slurry blasting units are highly versatile and can be effectively used in numerous applications,

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Wet slurry blasting equipment is a safer and more effective solution to a wide range of surface blasting needs. Wet slurry blasting can be used to clean and maintain machinery, motor vehicle components, warehouse equipment, and more.

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